Target Image:

Painting of a barn with two sailors in front


Spikey nail or fence post/wrought iron fence

Seems kind of black: gate

French Garden, palace of Versailles style garden

Gravel pathway

Ornate statues

House/manor/mansion in the middle

Addams Family style house: much nicer. Not spooky.

Centered in garden

Slate shingles: scalloped


Hedge-maze hedges

Classical statues

Gas lanterns

Rock wall at fence base

No entrance: all on foot

Edge of cliff (Thomas Kinkade painting)

Forested surrounding area

No shed


Weather’s good: inert, empty


Old style quilts

Door is a stained-glass door: deep cherry red

Semi-circular flower bed

Not a scene of destination

Opposite of the Tim Burton Batman house

Brass doorknob


Diamond lattice

Corner piece: tower