Target Image:
Carrots dropped into water

A horse

A real horse running in grass

A horse mask

Yellow boxes made of wood stacked upside down as a “T”


Work carved into the canoe

Drawing of an old woman: curly hair


Golden Girls Portrait drawing

Glasses with a chain

No body

Just a head

Drawing in a barn

Chris Reeves is there drawing a circle slowly in the sand around the parameter of the barn

Circle is: incomplete

A drawing frame

Like the outside of a snow globe

Heavy drawn lines

Austin says: “I want these to add up”

Nature: outdoors: apples, leaves, dirt, sun, outdoor work

A kind of pageant

Everything is on an easel

“Wheat” or tall grass, thick masses of it

Drawing of an Apple



Barn we are in

DeLorean parked outside

Time/aesthetic combo (Chris: anachronistic?)

Austin says: “Everything is a cliché here”

More people on horseback.

Polo costumes: blue and white jersey

A stopped car

White pants/Chaps?